Sound cruise experience – Schiller on board the MS EUROPA 2

Two weeks ago I was invited by Hapag-Lloyd cruises to cruise some places around the Mediterranean sea on the MS EUROPA 2. While I was already on board the MS EUROPA 2 two years ago (you can read a full review of the MS EUROPA 2here), this cruise was quite different to the first one as it had for theme music. This was a sound cruise to be precise. 

Themed cruise are more and more popular

If you follow a bit tourism trends, you will know that cruise are getting always more attractive thanks to it’s new ways of entertaining their guest.

Now, a lot of cool events take place at sea and theme cruise are a big thing. The occasion to travel with people with the same interest.

MS EUROPA 2 is familiar with theme cruise. It organized already for the second time Fashion 2 sea, an event for people who are into fashion. During the cruise you can meet designer, listen to fashion talks, assist a fashion show and even shop curated items.

Sound Cruise – SCHILLER on the MS EUROPA 2

This time, the theme was music and the MS EUROPA 2 invited on board one of the most famous German electronic pop artist : Christopher von Deylen aka SCHILLER. During the cruise, a Serie of events around the senses were planned by the artist.
It started with „Voyage – Colors Of The World“, a live concert by the pool where SCHILLER invited two Iranian artist and dancers to perform live on stage with him. All guest were dressed in white and a visual spectacle showcasing the milky way or the ocean followed the beats of the music. Such a magical atmosphere!

The MS EUROPA 2 also has high standards regarding gastronomy. The culinaric experience is definitely a highlight of the cruise with it’s 7 different restaurants. Also, here, SCHILLER curated the special dinner experience at the Asian restaurant Elements. Together with the corporate chef Michael Hoffmann, they created a 6 course menu aka “sensual food experience” where it was not only about the taste but also about the eyes and of course the sound. We traveled around the world with dishes from Japan, Thailand, France, Peru, etc. Each dish was accompanied by visuals and sounds. Even the waiters’ service looked like a dance because it was so coordinated. Indeed, the sound of the cutlery was part of the experience.

Sound cruise experience - Schiller on board the MS Europa 2 1

Beside those two highlights, SCHILLER also played a DJ set in Cafe del Mar style under the starry sky at the Sanzibar, one of the bar of the MS EUROPA 2. And on the last night, he also played a live concert in the theater together with classic musicians.

High level entertainment every day.

MS EUROPA 2 – The destinations


On my first cruise with the MS EUROPA 2, I cruised the Greek islands. What I liked back then is that since the MS EUROPA 2 is a small cruise ship : 500 passengers only. The ship is therefore smaller than other cruise ships and it allows the boat to anchor in places bigger ships can’t. Which make the experience even more special.

For example the cruise started in Mallorca, then Ibiza but we also stopped at some other places normally cruise ships can’t stop at like Formentera and Sanary sur Mer.

The itinerary is also well thought. For example people who have never been to Barcelona are able to spend enough time visiting the city as we stayed there for 2 days. For people who already went to certain destinations like for me Cannes or Barcelona, there are excursions to close by cities for you to explore if you wish to. And for the most active, you can borrow a bike.

I really liked the itinerary of this cruise; It was for me the occasion to discover places in Spain that I didn’t know before like Ibiza, Formentera and Mallorca. Gosh I forgot how pretty Spain is!! But also the occasion to breath in the air of my beloved home country France.

Sound cruise experience - Schiller on board the MS Europa 2 Sanary sur mer


I know many of you where inspired to go on a cruise after seeing my stories on Instagram. I can definitely recommend the MS EUROPA 2. It was a fabulous and luxurious experience this second time around. I didn’t talk much about the ship here since I already did it in details in my past article so if you didn’t read it yet check it out : on board a luxury cruise ship : the MS EUROPA 2.