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Tips for outfit pictures – The right lens for my Olympus PEN E-PL8 camera

Being able to convey your style through photography can be a challenge. Today I am giving you tips for outfit pictures. Using the right lens for my Olympus PEN E-PL8 camera can assist one a lot and help capture just the right shot : the clothes, the fashion blogger, and the set.

Using the right camera with the right lens can make all the difference in the success of your shoot.

I am using the Olympus PEN E-PL8 for all my pictures and I can really recommend it. The Olympus

PEN camera is both of quality and is great value for money . It has a wide variety of functions and features, with a user-friendly interface that allows you to take professional shots with ease. I already did a review of the Olympus PEN E-PL8 camera HERE.

The Olympus PEN camera also has the capability to process JPEG and Raw files in-camera. The raw
processing option has greater functionality allowing you to change image parameters in-shot.
Perfect to get the most out of the picture you want to take and very important for fashion pictures.

Now having a good camera is great but after a while you will want to upgrade it with the right lens.

The Zuiko range of lenses are the ultimate addition to your Olympus PEN camera that can turn your fashion shoots from average to amazing. Zuiko lenses come in a variety of sizes and all are
lightweight and ergonomic. You can carry your lens everywhere.

For the best outfit pictures, you will need to know what the diverse lens can do. While many fashion bloggers like to have only themselves in the foreground and have the background unsharp, others like to have the focus is on the foreground but allows you to include the background as well.In that case, choose your point of focus well and be aware of what’s going in the background when using this type of lens!!

Personally I love both kind of pictures. But mostly when I travel I feel like it’s important to show the background as well. I mostly use then the 25mm with 1:1.8 aperture M.Zuiko premium lens. This lens is great as it can do both. I set it up to F1.8 to have a blurry background while I set it up higher to have a background that is also focused. This lens is not only great for outfit pictures, it’s an all rounder and sometimes I just shoot everything only with this lens. What you get in the image is what you see in real life. So also very easy to use.

When I want a nice background blur, I use the M.Zuiko 45mm lens with aperture 1:1.8. This lens is the one most of the bloggers use to shoot their outfits. It is also a perfect lens to shoot portraits!

I know many bloggers like to include portraits into their outfit post so another lens tip for this is the M.Zuiko Premium 75mm lens with aperture 1:1.8 that will create stunning head shots! Some bloggers even use this lens to photography their complete outfit, but in this case, the person taking the picture will need to go very far from it’s subject to get the full outfit into the picture.

The 70mm lens is also a great lens for indoor picture, or if when you travel you want to zoom really into what you want to take the picture of. But more on this in another article!

Now details. I also now a lot of bloggers like to show their jewelry or some print details etc. Here I can recommend to buy a macro converter that you just need to fix on top of the lens you are already using. It is perfect to shoot anything small and very affordable, a good alternative to macro lenses!

All in all, playing around with these lenses is a great way to gain experience and have a lot of fun doing it! Plus, that way you will learn how you like your pictures the most.

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*ADVERTISEMENT – This article is written in collaboration with Olympus. All opinions remains my own.

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