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Hello everyone, today i will go see the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Show here in New York. If you would like to see the show live as well, below you will have the possibility!


On Day 4 i also had the chance to go backstage at Tommy Hilfiger where I have seen my favorite model Jordan Dunn. Also Cara Delevingne was there but there i wasn’t lucky enough to catch her do one of her famous funny face.

The collection was really similar the the men collection I have seen a few days before, with lots of houndstooth and prince of Wales checks. Tommy Hilfiger created a classic preppy look but with a rock’n’roll touch .

I am a huge fan of the accessories also. The shoes and bags were chic and beautiful and i could imagine wear them on a daily basis!

On Day 4, my day started with a coffee and a visit to 2 flea market in Manhattan. My friend from Switzerland told me there is a great indoor one in the Flatiron district called garage. But unfortunately i didn’t find it but a outdoor one that was pretty boring. Then i went to another one in the Hell’s Kitchen district that was small but way better and with seller that das Chanel, Gucci and Mulberry vintage as well as great pieces from the 70’s i haven’t seen anywhere else on a flea market in Europe. As you can imagine the price was high an as i couldn’t decide wich bag i wanted i went away with nothing.

After this I went to the Lincoln Center where I met with Sarah and her boyfriend Chris and Maurizio. We went to see the Custo Barcelona Show with was pretty awesome. I never was a big fan of this brand but now i definitely am!!! Some much great pieces i would add to my wardrobe without hesitation!!

After the show we went at the entrance of the backstage and waited for the models to come out after the DVF show. We missed Anna Wintour but we saw Coco Rocha, Cara Delevingne, Liu Wien and the queen : Diane von Furstenberg.

After this I went with Sarah to the Tommy Hilfiger show but more on this in another post.

I was wearing :

Jacket : Local store in Paris
Sweater : H1M
Shirt : C&A
Skirt : Vintage
Shoes : Zara



The flea market in the Hell’s Kitchen district

My outfit

Favourites of the Custo Barcelona Show

Diane von Furstenberg after her show

Coco Rocha after the DVF Show

Models after the DVF Show

Saturday started with the Lacoste show at the Lincoln Center. Right afterwards I went to the Lacoste Showroom where i spent a big part of the afternoon having a look at the Fall/winter collection that was showed the same morning.
This collection signs the 80 Anniversary of the brand and for the occasion, Felipe Oliveira Baptista gave the brand a fresh wind. The collection was more futuristic with a mix of materials and texture, colors such as orange, green, white, and grey and an original print

I had a big crush on the accessories. I didn’t even know that Locoste was doing jewelry (since 2 years) but I loved the crocodile necklace and armband from the Lacoste L!ve Fall/Winter 2013 collection that will be available online from July 2013.
The camera bags and motorcycle gloves were also one of my highlight.

After this we (Maurizio and I) had a very quick walk in Central Park but as we had to walk on a slippery ground we turned away very quickly. I will return the next days when it won’t be so dangerous.

To finish the day we went to the Project Runway cocktail where we had a great view over New York by Night. The cocktail wasn’t that interesting though, and of course Heidi Klum wasn’t there.

On this day i wore the same sweater than the day before ( no, no I am not ashamed) from Asos, a skirt from Asos, as well as a coat from Asos, my vintage hat and my Zara ankle boots.



I am afraid i am a bit slow updating the blog with all New York Fashion Week News but as you can imagine, i am pretty busy and for once i prefer spend time doing things outside in the cold as in front of my computer ๐Ÿ˜‰

On day 2, so Friday, a big snow storm was announced and as planned the weather was pretty bad. No snow but a lot of rain during the morning and the afternoon so that it was just not possible to do something outside. I decided to catch up with a friend of mine from Switzerland who is visiting her boyfriend in New York those days. We decided to go to the theater and watch a 3D movie. We choose to watch Top Gun with Tom Cruise and eat popcorn with lots of liquid butter! The movie wasn’t bad at all and I even recommend you to download the movie soundtrack somewhere as it is full of really great 80’s tracks!!!

After this i went to see the Tommy Hilfiger Men show on the Upper East Side (almost felt like Serena from Gossip Girl ;)). I was wearing : A sweater from Asos, a pants from sara and shoes from Mango from the summer 2012 collection.

The Tommy Hilfiger show was great. The location looked like an old library. Boys were wearing timeless pieces with prince of wales and houndstooth prints. I personally had a big crush on the bags and on the bomber and motorcycle jackets that gave the collection a rock’n’roll touch.

After the show i went with Maurizio from Mau Fashion to eat a burger at five Guys? Really a place i recommend if you go to New York for cheap but tasty burgers. After dinner we went to a game center close to our hotel in case the storm would arrive suddenly. The storm wasn’t a storm though. Just lots of rain and snow but i know worse from Berlin!!


Me at the theatre

The Theatre where we went to see Top Gun 3D

Me at the Tommy Hilfiger Show

At Tommy Hilfiger

Mr Tommy Hilfiger!!

At Five Guys Burger

Me feeling wary New Yorkish while eating a burger


What they call a storm…

Me at the game center

Day one actually started right after my arrival on Wednesday. I checked at the Hotel, met with Maurizio from Mau Fashion and then went together at the Wildfox presentation where performed a band i am following since a few years already : Chairlift.

The official day of fashion week started yesterday with me waking up at 6:30am. Don’t ask me why. I went to the Nicholas K, at the Mercedes Benz tents at the Lincoln center. I then returned to my hotel to change shoes and wear a second tights as it is freeeeeezing out here!!

Then i met with Maurizio again and we went to lunch and do some shopping. Roastbeef toast for me and burger for him.
For shopping we went to Bergdorf Goodman i didn’t buy anything as i don’t have 3000 dollars to give away on a bag but this is a really nice shop. Then we went to Hollister and Abercrombie. First time in my life for me, but i like what I have seen ๐Ÿ˜‰

Afterwards we went to the La Perla presentation at the Dream Hotel. A very nice hotel situated in the West Village. There i saw Olivia Palermo and Lilly from Gossip Girl as well as Garance Dorรฉ.

After this we went to a party in a bar the Mondrian Soho Hotel situated in Soho. Wich is also a very!! nice hotel.

Today I will go to the Tommy Hilfiger show and find something to do inside because of the storm. More tomorrow!!



At the Wildfox Presentation

Brooklyn based band Chairlift performing at the Wildfox event

First show : Nicholas K

One look from Nicholas K

Time square where my hotel is situated

The subway at Time Square

Lunch : Mine

Lunch : Maurizio’s burger

La Perla Presentation

More girls at La Perla Presentation

Lily (Kelly Rutherford) from Gossip Girl at the La Perla Presentation

At one of the bar of the Mondrian Soho

Maurizio at the Mondrian Soho

Still at the Mondrian Soho – The Wall Decoration

So this is what i wore today, for my first show at New York Fashion Week (very 70’s with my Kaleidoskop print Dress) : Nicholas K. I wore my coat off just for the picture of course as it is freezing!!! And this is just the beginning as they say the biggest snow storm New York have ever seen will arrive on Friday :S

Anyway with 2 pair of tights and by swapping my heels with my Ugg Boots for sightseeing everything is ok.

Late i will try to post my impression of my first day of fashion week. But now I am off to the La Perla Presentation.

I am wearing :
Hat : Vintage
Staring at Stars Dress : Urban Outfiters
Shoes : Zara



New York here I come. For the second time i am going on a trip to New York Fashion Week. The first time was this september. But i did more sightseeing than fashion Shows as it was my first time in New York.

This time i am much better organized and i have much more shows planned. I will post my program tomorrow evening when i will be at my Hotel. I found a very cheap hotel situated at Time Square : The Edison Hotel. I choose this one as i don’t know the city so much and I wanted a safe place to go back late at night and as Time Square is always extremely full I though this would be safe.

I also want to see things i didn’t do last time like going to the Top of the Rocks, ice skating at central Park, Vintage shopping in Brooklyn, and a little tour to Harlem and in the Bronx (the reason why i am wearing a Harlem T-shirt I found at Gina Tricot on the picture above) if someone i know want to come with me (everyone says it’s dangerous out there but i don’t really believe this, i also think those districts should be seen as it’s part of the US Culture. Remember Dangerous Minds with Sharon Stone, or Grandmaster Flash videos?). This for example by the way is a tour I would love to do in the Bronx.

Then of course i want to eat delicious US Food. Any tips are welcome!

Below a few things I am taking with me : my beauty essentials, my favorite shoes and a few handbags.

You can follow me around on KEEK and on Instagram (@lesberlinettes) + I just installed Vine (@lesberlinettes) that i plan to try out while in NYC.

From left to right : Wella Hair Oil, Clarins Active – Daily Creme, Clarins Sun Powder, Nivea Stress Protect deodorant, Nivea Washing Creme, Nivea Q10 eyecreme, Bourgeois (Maybelline) Black eyeshadow, Tokyo Milk handcreme

From left to right : Vintage, Zara (Fall 2012), Margiela for H&M Candy Clutch

From left to right : Asos, Asos, Mango (Spring 2012), Asos

Me in Central Park

As you know i spent a few days in New York during Fashion Week.
This is my photo diary.

Also i tried to do a video diary of the best moments I had while i was there. Hopefully you will like it.

Thanx to Wimdu for making all this happens. If you plan to visit a city soon do not hesitate to book their services instead of booking an hotel room as you will meet fabulous people like i did on my trip in NY.

If you plan to go to New York you should keep this link :

As this is where i stayed in New York, Yuko my host was really nice and polite and she lives in Manhattan so it’s easy to go everywhere in the city.

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At Mara Hoffman

At Mara Hoffman

At Tommy Hilfiger

At Tommy Hilfiger

Backstage at Ivana Helsinki

At Y-3

At Y-3

In front of the Magnolia Bakery

My outfit the second day of fashion week in New York.

After the Lacoste show I went to Perry Street in the West Village where the appartment of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City is situated. I couldn’t do a picture in front of the house as it was very crowded and but this pictures were made in front of the neighboorhood houses.

I am wearing :
Jacket : The Racked Priest
Top : H&M
Armband : Ada’s Avenue
Skirt : Asos

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