Beauty – Current favorites

beauty favorite october 2016

It has been a while but I am finally posting about beauty today.

I received many beauty products over the last few month, I tried them and I am presenting you today my current beauty favorites.

Diptyque infused face oil

You might remember that I am a huge fan of the Diptyque fragances. Recently I discovered their face care and one of my favorite products is the Diptyque infused face oil. It Boosts radiance, revitalizes, and smoothes and as the name says it s infused with flowers : white iris extract and rose petals. I just love the smell of the flowers and I use it in the morning before putting my on my day cream.

Douglas home spa

Back in June Douglas invited me to an event to discover what they have new in store and The Douglas Home Spa skin care line was one of them. I got intrigued by the award this product line got : the “prix de la beauté” a cosmetic award by Cosmopolitain.

I am always looking for the perfect scrub. I always feel like they either scrub too much or not enough but the Douglas Home Spa creamy rice scrub was just right. It is nice to use it together with the body lotion of the same brand.   Glamgmow YOUTHMUD® TINGLEXFOLIATE TREATMENT and THIRSTYMUD™ HYDRATING TREATMENT

Another brand I discovered at the Douglas event in June is Glamglow. It is already a bestseller used by a lot of celebrities in hollywood. It is a range of mask all promising something different. I tried 2 of them :

The YOUTHMUD® TINGLEXFOLIATE TREATMENT that is a “facial in a jar”. I tried it home with 2 girlfriends. It burned a bit so it is good to put it on one’s face just the 10 minutes like you are supposed to. It definitely exfoliates. Maybe a bit expensive for an exfoliant but I love to know I am using the same products as celebrities.

The THIRSTYMUD™ HYDRATING TREATMENT definitely was my favorite of the 2 mask. My skin really needs hydratation and this mask gave the right amount of hydratation with being oily. It also smells very good.

my super tips by guerlain

The Guerlain Super tips are super cool little products to always have in your bag. Icon haircare

I am taking risk of saying so but ICON India Oil is the best Oil I have ever had for my hair. It smells SO GOOD, and my hair are always super dry it is perfect for everyday care. It is not sticky and my hair are not oily after I use it.

The ICON India shampoo smells very good as well.

Kiko neo noir make up

Kiko Milano is a very affordable brand. I love to buy nail polishes and lipsticks. I since it is very affordable I can play around with colors. Recently they collaborated with Ross Lovegrove a futuristic designer who created a make up collection called Neo Noir inspired by the color black. I love the Enigma lipstick in that is perfect for the colder days and it embraces the fall/winter colors.

I am also using the Kabuki brush that is a powder brush but I use it to applicate my blush (Make up artist would kill me for this but I love a big brush for my blush) and the Divine tone moisturizing serum that I use instead of a foundation. It has a little bit of colour that just seems to smoothe the skin and it has a very comfortable texture. Perfect for the no make up days.

LOV make up

LOV is a new make up brand from Germany for women and created by women. I love the shape of the products. It is very curvy and therefore feminine and of good quality. The red lipstick above is my new favourite red lipstick, unlike many other lipsick it doesn’t leave my lips too dry. I also love the nailpolish and the brushes. I didn’t try the eyeshadow yet as I very rarely do eye make up except for eyeliner and mascara but I love the colours of this palette. Very classy and perfect for a decent make up.

Best lash fibers mascara

Recently I discovered the fibers mascara. I love to wear it on special occasion. My lashes really look longer and fuller thanks to the fibers. I felt it is quite difficult to remove so I am not using it every day though. I am using the one from Best lash but many brands has got a fiber mascara in their range as well.

OGX coconut milk shampoo and conditioner

OGX coconut milk shampoo and conditioner are my current favorites to wash my hair. It just smells so gut. Just like a coconut. Absolutely amazing. OGX has got a wide range of products for different needs and with different smells and are all paraben free. Coconut Millk is good to nourish your hair. I guess perfect when you have dry hair like me.