Club Monaco Beanie & Bershka leather pants and panther sweater

I now at stopped with my fashion week outfits at day 2 but i totally forgot to take pictures then. I though i could wear the same things again and take a picture for you but this wouldn’t be real and anyway it was enough fashion week talking the last week it’s time for something else.

So this is an outfit i wore this weekend. The Panther sweater is from Bershka and from the new spring/Summer collection. I’m dying for Spring right now and buying stuff from the new collection makes me already a bit in the mood. I hope it will come very soon!

I am wearing :
Yellow Beanie : Club Monaco
Panther Sweater : Bershka
Black leather pants : Bershka
Shoes : ASOS (remember? i was buying them for 25Euros only!! )

What do you think of the look?