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My Current Jewelry Favorites – Jane Koenig, Ivy and Oak, Blanca Monros Gomez

My Current Jewelry Favorites

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Pendul necklace from Ivy and Oak, a Berlin based fashion brand

Blanca Monros Gomez summer hoop earrings that I found on Shopbop. Every once in a while I like to buy a piece of jewelry made out of pure material. I looked for a while for the perfect earrings and finally found those one. They were quite expensive but it is made out of real gold and I now it is a good investment as I will be able to wear them for a while. Hoop earrings are a classic that come back as a trend every now and then.

Hoop earrings from Loavies a very affordable fashion brand.

Studs and Love necklace from Jane Koenig, a danish jewelry brand. I bought my first piece of jewelry by Jane Koenig 3 years ago. It was a star earring made out of plated silver. I still love that piece of earring and I since then, always go back on her webshop to see what’s new as the quality is good and the prices not too expensive.
At the moment I really like the Jane Koenig Lovetag that “is a simple piece of jewelry that contains a declaration of love, which is both private and secret. The letters can symbolise a unique connection to a loved one, a sibling or close friend.” I choose a heart so it remembers me to all people that are important to me. I also got the diamond stud earrings that are timeless.