Home story – New decoration and new wardrobe for my small bedroom

Hi everyone, it has been 3 years now that I moved into my apartment? I decorated it at the beginning but with the time, I started to struggle with too many belongings and not enough storage so I decided to give my apartment a new fresh look and more storage.

I mostly struggled with the too many clothes I have. When i first got into my apartment I only had one rack to put my clothes on and hoped it would be enough. Quickly when winter arrived I realized it would not be enough. I bought a second rack. This turned again to not be enough and finally I bought a 2 poles clothes rack but this again turned up to be too small for all my clothes, coats and accessories…

Ger rid of the thing you don’t wear anymore you would say, well I did but I still had a space problem. The other problem I faced with my apartment is that my bedroom is very small. I only have space for a double bed and a little wardrobe… I thought.

One day, my friend Vicky who is architect told me about MYCS, a online website where you can get a custom made wardrobe. Not only you can choose the high and the width and the heights, you can also choose the colors, material and if you would like to have a mirrored door or not. As my room is quite small I went to the highest wardrobe and also for a mirrored door as it create the impression that my bedroom is bigger than it actually is.

At MYCS you can also design inside the wardrobe, deciding if you would like to have racks, drawer, etc.

I tried to designed it to gain as much storage as possible and here is the result :


Finally, I tried to give my living room a new look. I was a bit tired of the old posters I had since three years so I ordered new one at Desenio. If you also want to give your house a new look, the code “lesberlinettes” gives 25% off posters,(except “handpicked”/frames), between 5th-7th of September. Follow @desenio for more inspiration!”.

Desenio palm tree black and white poster   

Desenio fashion poster

Desenio botanical poster

*Article written in collaboration with MYCS and Desenio.