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#Lisbonwithgoogle – 5 reasons to use Google Photos and Photodiary

Lisbon with google preview influencer

This weekend, Google invited me with other influencers to Lisbon to try their photo App. If you are not using it yet, here are 5 reasons to use Google Photos.

A bit one year after my first time in Lisbon, I was back in Lisbon to spend the weekend with Google and other influencers from Europe. The goal of the trip was as I said to visit the city, have a great time, discover cool places, take pictures and of course get familiar to the Google Photos App.

If you want to, you can compare the Google Photos App to the Icloud but in much more simple and with a few extras.
Indeed I really don’t like Icloud. I use it (won’t use it anymore now that I know Google Photos) to store the pictures that are on my phone but it get me confused every time. First, I can’t get access to my pictures in high quality when I am not in wifi. Second, when I delete a picture or a video I never really understand if it is still on my phone, on my computer, on my icloud or if I deleted it from every devices. Result is either I loose pictures or I save them many times…

So here we come to the Top 5 reasons to use Google Photos

1 – Storage
Obviously with my problems with Icloud, Google Photos is now my favourite app to store my pictures. The pictures on my phone are automatically saved to Google Photos when I am in the wifi. But I can also save the pictures that are already on my computer in the App. Storage is illimited if you choose to save your picture in high quality (to enough quality to print them in a big format) and limited to the space in your google account if you choose to save in Original quality.

2 – Your pictures always with you
With so many storage, you can have your pictures everywhere with you. This way it is always easy to show holiday pictures or share old memories to friends and post #throwback pictures on Instagram.

3 – Search
So if you have years of pictures on your phone it is easy to forget about the pictures. Using Google artificial intelligence, you can look for the day you wore a red dress by typing “red dress”, all your food pictures by typing “food” or even you can search after your dog pictures by searching with the dog smiley (yes no joke, this is truly amazing).
Also for people you can help the app identify your friends by creating a label for them and the App will recognize them in your pictures after that. I haven’t try yet but you can read how it goes here.

4 – Sharing
Once you have find your friends pictures, you can share them with them, either by creating an album together. For example in Lisbon we have with all other influencers an Album in Google Photos where we all share the pictures we want. This way, everyone added to the album can view and download the pictures if wanted.
You can also just creates album and share all pictures and videos with your friend by creating a link that you can send to your friends.

5 – Creative tools
For some fun, Google also created an assistant helping you create films, collage and super cool gifs like the one I posted on my Instagram from all the burst picture you have on your computer. Because yes, we are all the same and : only one picture in front of the ice cream shop is never good enough 😉


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