My First DVF Bag – Carolina Mini Lips Bag

I am so excited as this is my first DVF Bag and by the way my first designer bag. I saw this bag for the first time in New York in the DVF Store in the Meatpacking District. Since then i couldn’t stop thinking about it and about those funny lips! I started to buy a belt with cute lips on it and though it would be a good alternative to this bag but each time i saw that belt i had to think of the Carolina bag…

I ended up ordering it on My-wardrobe and finally it’s mine. The perfect bag for spring!

+ I am a huge fan of Diane Von Furstenberg not only from her work but also from all she represents (for me the best example in the fashion industry) so that it was logical to buy a designer bag from her collection.

You can find the bag HERE and it also exists in black!

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