Petit Bateau meets Berlin

A few weeks ago, Petit Bateau asked me if I would like to do a little something with for theme my new hometown Berlin. I didn’t think a lot before seeing yes. Petit Bateau was the number 1 brand I was wearing as a child. I remember how much I cried when i went out of a Petit Bateau Store and my mom has bought me nothing!!
Petit Bateau is my all childhood so for the picture i also choose 2 pieces that i used to wear as a little girl : the black leggings ( with a zipper so that it looks a bit more rock’n’roll) and a striped sweater (designed by Kitsuné).
For what I though it was Berlin, i choose the TV Tower. Maybe it is cliché for you if you are german but I really love this construction and I think this is like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Liberty Statue in New York what every foreigner know from Berlin. My wish was to show a beautiful Berlin day but unfortunately the day I took this pictures it was snowing like crazy so I had to take the pictures inside.

Hope you like the look.

I was wearing :
Striped Sweater : Kitsuné for Petit Bateau
Zipped leggings : Petit Bateau


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