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Rudimental Interview at Berlin festival

rudimental interview berlin festival Kesi Dryden DJ Locksmith
rudimental interview berlin festival Kesi Dryden DJ Locksmith

My Rudimental Interview : I met Kesi Dryden and Dj Locksmith from Rudimental two weekend ago for an interview at Berlin Festival.


Me : Who is Rudimental and can you explain your music project?

Rudimental : I am Kesi Dryden and I am DJ Locksmith, and we are half of Rudimental. We are four of us. We are a band and we all play instruments, we are also producers and songwriters. On stage when we perform we are not only four but there are eleven people on stage, we also have vocals and drummers. So we like to say that we are a live band.

Me : How do you search for the singers who sing your songs?

Rudimental : First of all we write and we compose our songs all together but as we are not so good at singing we have to go out and find a singer that match our songs that we created. For example for the song Feel the love we have already written the song and we found John Newman in a bar and though he would be perfect for the song at the time. One thing we like to do is find the talents and give them a platform for them to go out and build their own career. So most of our vocals come with us on tour and end up being signed on their own label a start a great career as did John Newman for example.

But we don’t have only one vocals on stage. In Berlin we have for example 4 vocals. Our music is very eclectic so we have many different type of songs and it is indeed difficult to find vocals who can sing many of our songs.

Me : What can be expected when people come to see you on stage?

Rudimental : We are a big family and we have a lot of fun when we are on stage. I think people can see this and the audience feel like they are also part on this family. So people should expect a lot of excitements and positivity and energy. And of course lots of new music.

Me : Can you tell me more about who you have been working with both as producers and as Rudimental as a music band?

Rudimental : We like a balance. We have been working with Ed Sheeran whith who is a friend, we have been going up with him so we had a natural chemistry together so it was quite awesome. We worked with a few huge stars as well. In our new album we have a feature with Bobby Womack (California Dreaming’, etc ) which is incredible since we have always been fans of him forever. So we have been working with new talents as well as with talents that have been around since years. So we like to mix it up.

Me : What would be your dream collaboration?

Rudimental : We are huge fans of Laureen Hill she is an amazing singer and one of the best female rapper. I feel she has all the elements that Rudimental would love.

Me : We are now at Berlin festival, and I have heard that you did plenty of festivals in the past. What was your best memory?

Rudimental : This is about personal experiences I think what one of the craziest and most emotional gig we played at was Glastonbury. It’s such an iconic festival. There was 18 000 people there and we played on the main stage which is a huge thing for us. It’s a huge achievement. It’s a dream as a kid to reach that.

Me : : Where would you dream to play?

Rudimental : : We did a DJ tour in South America and we would love to take our full live band there and show what we are really about.

Rudimental new album : #wethegeneration out September 18th

Newest track :

My favorite tracks :

RUDIMENTAL – RIGHT HERE from Josh Cole on Vimeo.

Rudimental – "Waiting All Night" feat. Ella Eyre (Official Video) from André A. Martin on Vimeo.