Tested and approved face care products

1 – A few weeks ago I got introduced to Cinq Mondes Spa. A cosmetic brand made in France made out of natural products only and inspired by travels. So far I tried a few products and I already am crazy about the eye cream that is made out of chinese plants, the face exfoliant that is inspired by a travel to Indoniesia and the Cinq mondes Elixir précieux that is an oil that I mix with my moisturizer.

2 – I discovered the Paula’s choice products a few month ago. I am using a mask and cleanser from the brand. I got told that Paula created products for herself to fight her acne. I don’t have acne so I was a bit reluctant about the products as I though they would be too aggressive but they are not. The cleanser for example feels more like a cream that would protect my skin than a cleanser. I use it on a daily basis while I use the skin recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask around once a month.

3 – I am already a fan of the Nuxe’s Huile Prodigieuse and Nuxe’s sun cream products. Recently I discovered the Nuxe Nuxellence Zone regard eye cream. Nuxellence is the anti aging range products of Nuxe. I never tried this range before but I guess it is time to start trying out more anti aging products. This one is made out of the hottest ingredient right now : Hyaluronic Acid and passion fruit.

4 – More anti aging! I tried the Pierre Ricaud Hyalurides product range which composition is also based on the Hyaluronic Acid. I am very familiar with the Pierre Ricaud products. I like them a lot as they go well with my skin and they are not too expensive. From the range I like the most the serum and the cream. The eye cream is a bit too creamy for my taste.